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Paper Submission

Papers should adhere to the AVSS2015 IEEE format using either:

LaTeX template here.
Word template here.

Detailed style and formatting instructions can be found in the templates. The blue numbering of text lines (the so-called ruler) must not be removed in the version for review, as it greatly facilitates the review process, but must be removed in the final version.
Papers must be written in English and submitted in PDF format, each submission must be between 4 and 6 A4 pages long.

Each submission will be double-blindly peer-reviewed by at least two experts. This requires the paper to be anonymous, please read the instructions included in the paper templates.

All papers must be submitted via the ISBC2015 submission site (Microsoft CMT) located at:

Deadline is May 31st, at 23:59:59 PST.

A paper submission implies that, if the paper is accepted, one of the authors, or a proxy, will present the paper at the workshop. Submissions not using the above templates or disclosing identity of the authors will be rejected without review.

All accepted papers wll be published in IEEE Xplore.

Papers are solicited in the following (but not limited to) areas:

  • Real world biometric and/or surveillance deployments/ eld trials at the border (air, land, sea)
  • Multibiometrics/multimodal biometrics for ABC
  • Counter spoofing in biometrics for ABC
  • Emerging biometrics (e.g. finger vein, palm print, ocular biometrics,  on-the-move identification/standoff recognition) for ABC
  • Data fusion (biometrics; surveillance; biometrics+surveillance) in ABC
  • Automated (CCTV) monitoring and surveillance for ABC
  • People tracking in ABC
  • Event detection / anomaly detection / behaviour recognition / risk assessment for ABC
  • ABC biometric/surveillance datasets
  • Performance evaluation of biometric identification and/or surveillance in ABC
  • Privacy and ethical aspects and studies of biometrics/surveillance in ABC