Tampereen yliopisto (University of Tampere)

The University of Tampere (UTA) has the social objective of educating visionaries who understand the world and change it. The University’s strategy emphasizes the interface of public and private sectors and promotes public-private partnerships. The University’s School of Management interlinks the public and private sectors by means of its unique ‘three to one’ programme integrating the study of politics and international relations, economics/business studies and public management/law into one entity. This programme also helps the School to link the political, economic/business and management/law aspects in the study of automated border crossing systems. The School has special expertise on the European Union through its Jean Monnet Chair and the Jean Monnet Centre on European Politics and European-Russian Relations. The School also has broad-based expertise in world politics and global flows of people and goods, security studies and border studies (in particular the study of the EU-Russia border), and high calibre experience of policy work for bodies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence of Finland, Parliaments of EU member states, NATO and the military forces of main western states, as well as interdisciplinary research overall. UTA and the School of Management will host a considerable part of the activities of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence on Russian Studies ‘Choices of Russian Modernisation’ (2012-17), whilst UTA also conducts research and training on North America and Asia.