University of Reading

The Computational Vision Group (CVG), a sub-group of the Computing Research Group (API), School of Systems Engineering, is a leading internationally recognised academic research group examining computation issues of perception, intelligence and reasoning in relation to image interpretation and vision. The group has received major grants from the EPSRC, EU and Industry and has extensive links with European teams. Current research areas include automated (multisensor) surveillance of wide area scenes (including pedestrians and vehicles), multiple view geometry, camera calibration, data fusion, object recognition from low-resolution imagery, moving target tracking from visible and infrared imagery, biometrics, and stereo vision. There is a present focus on increasing the effectiveness of CCTV for safety, security and threat assessment. CVG has extensive experience in automated surveillance systems and video analytics. CVG has also been instrumental in establishing the IEEE International series of workshops on PETS (Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance), providing the wider research community with datasets, metrics and evaluation to assess the effectiveness of methods used in automated surveillance. Knowledge and expertise in biometrics, video analytics and performance evaluation will be made available to the project.