Rajavartiolaitos – Finnish Border Guard RVL

The Finnish Border Guard is an internationally renowned expert in border security. It is an internal security agency responsible for enforcing the Finland’s border security. It is subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior. The main duties of the Finnish Border Guard include border surveillance, border checks, passport control at the crossing points, airports and ports, preventing and investigating crimes pertaining to border security, security of the territorial waters, international cooperation and national defence. Operating on land, at sea and in the air the Finnish Border Guard has successfully ensured security in all circumstances. The principal factors in the operating environment of the Finnish Border Guard are Finland’s eastern border (1340 km), the Baltic sea and the European Union. Key factors affecting the operations include e.g. the EU’s border security policy, trends in cross-border traffic, and border security challenges, such as illegal immigration, human smuggling and trafficking, and terrorism. The work will be carried out by the Border and Coast Guard Academy, which is in charge of research at the Finnish Border Guard. Research at the Border and Coast Guard Academy focuses on automated border control issues, EU border security policy, maritime security of the Baltic Sea, risk analysis, and anticipation of future challenges to border security. The mission of the research unit of the Border and Coast Guard Academy is to enable anticipatory approach to border security issues. Research supports decision-making and the development of the organization, tactics, technology and personnel. The Border and Coast Guard Academy is a FRONTEX Partnership Academy.