MODI Modular Digits GmbH

MODI started as a development company for camera-based inspection systems, an area in which MODI made a name for itself with its special systems for electronics manufacturers. In 2005, the company registered the patent for its so-called “Advanced Optical Modulation” technology, known in short as Adomo®, a technology that expands the lens coverage of a single camera by up to 1000 times by using a mirror moving at lightning-fast speeds. This formed the basis for the development of a series of special cameras designed for the biometrical identification based on face and iris recognition. The big difference to other systems is the wide area in which high resolution face images can be captured by the defecting mirror.

MODI is positioned with outstanding total solutions for passport control ABC Gates at airports, all access control systems including those in high-security areas, personal checks at large-scale events, identification of barred players in casinos, identification of persons forbidden to enter shopping malls, at hotel receptions for the identification of guests and VIPs, personal searches at various points and places and counters and counter windows in banks, etc.