Mirasys Oy

Mirasys Ltd., a Finnish SME, is a provider of high-resolution video and audio surveillance solutions. The technological expertise of Mirasys lies in the fields of acquisition, analysis, storage and retrieval of video images. Other key technology areas are image visualization and integration of camera surveillance with other systems. Mirasys puts a lot of effort in continuous research and development in cooperation with research institutes, universities and other companies in Finland and abroad. Today, close to 500,000 video surveillance cameras across the world are controlled with Mirasys software. The end-user customers of Mirasys represent various verticals, among them airports, seaports, law enforcement, border control, and defense. A large number of commercial end-user customers such as large corporations, banks and retail chains also utilize Mirasys software as the core component of their corporate surveillance and loss prevention systems. Mirasys Ltd. is interested in participating in the above mentioned project as a consortium member as intelligent camera surveillance plays a very important role in managing the ABC gates and in controlling of passenger flows.