Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH

Magnetic Autocontrol (MAC) is a worldwide leading manufacturer and technology provider of vehicle barriers and pedestrian access gates providing high performance barriers and gate solutions. MAC acts as system partner for automation solutions in airports, at passenger terminals, for border control as well as in self service boarding, public transport and parking. Magnetic Autocontrol Group with it´s headquarter in Germany is worldwide represented by subsidiaries in USA, China, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and India with 250 employees in total and approx. 130 at headquarter. R&D, product management and marketing is located at headquarter. Sales, production and service are located in Germany and in all subsidiaries. The core competences are drive technologies, application know-how and realization skills in customization. MAC develops, constructs and manufactures high quality Magnetic branded products, custom tailored complementary products and OEM kitsets. The vision/ mission statement is about being a quality and innovation leader, keeping our customers in our focus of attention and providing him outstanding and sustainable value. Magnetic differentiate through our proximity to customers, solid and profitable finance, experience since 1948, loyal staff and outstanding technology and products. Maintenance free and long lasting drive technology, user safety of the gate and low total cost of ownership are our responsibility. Our gate, detection and application software guarantee highest interoperability. The gate architecture hard and software wise is modular and flexible and can be used with all kind of biometrics or periphery. Magnetic Autocontrol is pioneer in border control automation and proud of their worldwide references with plenty of installations in Asia, China, Australia and in Middle East where automated border control are used for long time. We maintain an open communication and aim at a long term partnership with all our stakeholders.