Intrepid Minds Ltd.

INTREPID MINDS is a company built around research and development. The ultimate purpose of which is to produce innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges of the world.INTREPID MINDS operates in four spheres including Border Management. Core to the INTREPID MINDS service is the ability to effectively manage projects that require a level of development and innovation. Our openness to this type of work requires that the team has a flexible mindset and this itself aids our own research and product development. As an SME we actively seek development funding and welcome the opportunity to network with additional companies, research and projects for this purpose. INTREPID MINDS staff are trained to look at all angles and break down constraints to multiple challenges. We develop this mindset so that when on location with a client or in development with partners we are able to respect limitations and constraints put upon them by the organisation, regulatory body or internal factors of time or resource, but knowing what is possible allows us to develop the steps on a path to an end result.