Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT (formerly ICRI, now iMinds) is a research centre at the Faculty of Law of K.U.Leuven (KUL). iMinds’ current staff counts 2 full time professors, 5 full time postdoctoral researchers, 15 fulltime doctoral and legal researchers, 2 full time administrative assistants and 7 affiliated researchers. iMinds has carried out several studies and assignments in the field of privacy law and information security and has been involved in many projects, both at national and at European level. The most relevant FP7-projects in which KUL participated include PICOS, TAS3, PrivacyOS and TURBINE. Previously,  KUL was also a partner in FIDIS, a network of excellence that took into account the broader issues related to privacy and identity management and was contributor and co-editor (D.3.10, 3.14 and 13.4) of various deliverables addressing in particular biometric data processing. The centre has built specific expertise in the field of legal aspects of border checks, biometric data processing by participation in many conferences and other projects such as BioSec, FIDIS and TURBINE. iMinds will bring in its expertise on legal aspects of personal data processing, including biometric data, identity management and egovernment for the identification and research of the legal aspects which are important for the new generation of border check gates.

iMinds will will provide legal privacy input in the definition of the functional requirements and provide legal support for the set up and the operation of the demonstrator activities.