Finavia Cooperation

Finavia maintains Finland's network of 25 airports and the air navigation system. Finavia provides and developes safe, competitive airport and air navigation services as well as their supporting commercial operations, to an internationally high standard. Finavia's customers are suppliers to the air travel industry and air passengers. Helsinki Airport is the leading long-haul airport in Northern Europe. The airport offers 10 daily flights to Asian destinations and two daily destinations to the USA, altogether over 120 non-stop destinations around the world and 300 departures a day. Furthermore, Helsinki provides excellent connections to Russia and the Baltic countries. For the past few years, excluding the years 2009 and 2010, Helsinki Airport’s traffic has increased with one million passengers per year. Last year 2010, Helsinki Airport had a total of 12,9 million passengers. Helsinki’s strength lies in its excellent geographical position. The most direct and the fastest route between Europe and Asia goes via Helsinki. The airport invests in smooth travelling and is known as one of the best airports in Europe. Changing planes in Helsinki is convenient and easy and airports transfer times are among the shortest in Europe. Due the fast growing long haul operations experience of seamless and fast self service border crossing process for EU citizens and third country nationals is essential for the airport point of view.