Bundesministerium fuer Inneres (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Republic of Austria)

The Federal Ministry of the Interior in Austria (Bundesministerium für Inneres, BM.I) is primarily responsible for the internal security of Austria. Since its reorganization in 2003 the Ministry is organised into 4 sections: Section I covers tasks linked to human and financial resources, controlling, internal administration, international affairs, security policy and coordination of the MoI’s EU activities, public relations and procurement. Section II covers all police issues, border control, civilian crisis management, disaster management, houses the criminal intelligence service, the security academy responsible for the education of police officers and their training. Section III covers legal matters, houses the office of the human rights advisor, asylum policies and residence as well as nationality issues, another important part of work is the administrative co-ordination of federal elections. Section IV is responsible for ICT Infrastructure, its services and applications as well as all tasks regarding real estate management. The Federal Ministry of Interior covers a whole range of duties for Austria which reach beyond the core security tasks of police matters.