AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT is an Austrian research institute with a European format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT, which comprises five independent and performance-driven departments (Energy, Mobility, Health & Environment, Safety& Security and Foresight & Policy Development), works in close collaboration with industry and customers from public institutions, striving to increase their added value through innovation and new technologies.

The mission of the Safety and Security Department is to make a significant contribution to ICT and to devote concerted efforts for guaranteeing operational efficiency and reliability of all critical infrastructures – both private and public – especially in times of potential ecological, economic and political crisis. Based on the evaluation, further development and provision of future-oriented technologies along with innovative procedures and sophisticated processes we are committed to fostering the roll-out of national infrastructures as well as the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in the area of public administration (eGovernment, eEnvironment), energy, healthcare (eHealth), transportation, and telecommunications as well as the business and industrial sector with a view to positioning Austria at the forefront of the European ICT industry. The Safety&Security department has large experience with both leading EU projects (SEQOC, SENSE, ADOSE, DECOS, SANY, and more) as well as numerous nationally funded research projects.